Medieval Week in Gotland 2024

in 3 months
Estimated attendance: 40k visitors annually.
Medieval Week in Gotland
Gotland Medieval Week is an annual event that takes place on the island of Gotland, located off the coast of Sweden. This event is a celebration of medieval culture and history, and it is an experience that you won't want to miss.

When it's Medieval Week in Gotland 2024?

05 Aug 2024
13 Aug 2024
8 Days
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The Gotland Medieval Week is held over the course of one week in the month of August, and it features a wide range of activities and events that are designed to transport visitors back in time to the Middle Ages. The festival grounds are transformed into a medieval village, complete with authentic tents, stalls, and other structures. Visitors can explore the village and participate in a range of activities, including archery, sword fighting, and falconry.
One of the highlights of the Gotland Medieval Week is the knight's tournament, which takes place on the final day of the event. During this tournament, knights dressed in authentic armor compete in a variety of challenges, including jousting and sword fighting. The tournament is a true spectacle to behold, and it is a fantastic way to get a feel for medieval culture and history.
In addition to the knight's tournament, the Gotland Medieval Week also features a range of other activities and events. These include concerts, theater performances, and traditional medieval folk dancing. There are also many food and drink stalls set up throughout the festival grounds, offering a wide range of delicious medieval-themed treats. From roast pork and mead to sweet pastries and ale, there is something for everyone at the Gotland Medieval Week.
One of the things that makes the Gotland Medieval Week so special is the sense of community that it fosters. This is an event that brings people together from all levels of society, and it is a time for people to come together and celebrate medieval culture and history. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor from another part of the world, you are sure to feel welcome and included in the festivities.
If you are a fan of medieval culture and history, then you won't want to miss the Gotland Medieval Week. Mark your calendars and start planning your trip to Gotland, because the Gotland Medieval Week is an experience that you will never forget. Experience the thrill of the knight's tournament, the beauty of the medieval village, and the rich culture of the Middle Ages at the
Gotland Medieval Week