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Gotland Medieval Week 2022

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The festival started in 1984 and since then it grew into a popular tourist attraction. There are 500 different events during the festival, including music, jesters, theatre, storytelling, medieval market, tournaments and much more.

What date is Gotland Medieval Week Festival 2022?
holidays 07 August 2022holidays 14 August 2022Lasts for 8 days 8 days

The festival is set mainly in Visby, which is the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list as well since 1995.

Gotland Medieval Week Festival

Each year, during the Medieval Week on Gotland, a historical reenactment of King Valdemar IV of Denmark’s entrance and ransoming of Visby is staged at the historical site.

The painting shows how the Danish king Valdemar IV collects treasures from the people of Visby in the summer of 1361 AD. The king itself sits to the right on an elevated red throne in front of the large St. Catherine’s church.

The most spectacular and the most popular event of The Medieval Week is the jousting tournament where the country’s best knights fight and compete in an amazing performance joined by squires, archers, and jesters.

Medieval Week in Gotland

The jousting tournament show all week and one performance take about 80 minutes. Medieval jousting is the most spectacular of sporting events.

When you approach the market, you will hear the blacksmith’s hammer on the iron, the smell of campfires that are grilling lamb, or hear the cries of the vendors and crowds.

Gotland Denmark Medieval Week

The medieval marketplace is the heart of the Medieval Week festival. This is an authentic marketplace where you can see medieval leather crafting, armor, jewelry, and other clothing.

During the Medieval Week Festival, you can also book authentic or modern tents. You can book a single person tent or spend the nights with others in larger military tents or medieval pavilions.

Both, modern and medieval tent sections are next to each other and you have free access in both areas. This is an incredibly good opportunity to meet new friends and have a lot of fun.