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Largs Viking Festival 2022

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Since 1981 in the fall, the small town of Largs hosts this festival. It is founded to encourage tourism and to celebrate the most important historical battle – The 1263 Battle of Largs, the last mainland battle between the Scots and Norse.

What date is Viking Festival in Largs 2022?
27 August 202204 September 20229 days

Largs Viking Festival offers you a glimpse of what life would have been like in a 13th Century Viking Village. The town is in Scotland, fifty-three kilometers from Glasgow in Scotland, UK.

Viking Festival in Largs

The festival is organized by ten local volunteers who were dedicated to preserving the Viking historical links with Largs. The festival contributes to the local economy and helping to develop the town’s cultural links.

Largs Viking Festival provides an insight into the history of the Battle of Largs and presents events that have wide community and public appeal. These events cover entertainment, history, and education of the town history and importance.

The King of Norway during 1263 (Haakon Haakonarson), sailed at the head of a massive fleet intending to teach Scottish kingdom a lesson and reassert Viking sovereignty over the west coast of Scotland.

Largs Viking Festival

More than 20,000 men and 120 ships were anchored just off the Isle of Arran, waiting to strike. This was one of the largest invasion forces ever to threaten the British mainland.

The saga described the Norwegian campaign as a triumph. The campaign had not achieved anything. Haakon simply sailed to Orkney to overwinter his forces. Then he unexpectedly fell ill and died there before he had the chance to resume invasion.

Viking Festival Fire

The Viking Village is open to the public daily from 11:00 to 17:00 during the Largs Viking Festival. The main focus of the festival is the living history encampment where visitors can experience the Viking way of life in the 13th century.

During the festival, there are various craft and food stalls, unique street performances and various entertainment events including musicians and dancers.

The Largs Viking Festival usually ends with the Viking Festival of Fire. This event starts with a torchlight parade at the Viking Village. Skirmish, a fire dancer and the burning of a Viking longboat finishes with a spectacular firework display ad Broomfields.