The Maidens' Fair 2023

10 months ago
Estimated attendance: 20k visitors annually.
The Maidens' Fair
Maidens' Fair
, also known as "Târgul de fete" in Romania, is a traditional event that takes place in many villages and towns across the country. It is typically held in the spring or summer and is a celebration of young women who are of marriageable age. The fair is a unique blend of tradition, culture, and entertainment, and is a must-see for anyone interested in the history and customs of Romania.

When it's The Maidens' Fair 2023?

21 Jul 2023
23 Jul 2023
2 Days
The event typically begins with a parade of young women dressed in traditional Romanian clothing, known as "ie". The parade is led by the fair queen, who is chosen from among the young women to represent the fair and preside over the events. The fair queen is typically selected based on her beauty, poise, and traditional values.
One of the main attractions of Maidens' Fair is the display of traditional Romanian crafts and products. Local artisans and vendors set up booths to highlight their wares, which include everything from hand-woven textiles to handmade jewelry. Visitors can also sample traditional Romanian foods such as mici (grilled minced meat rolls), sarmale (stuffed cabbage leaves) and papanasi (a fried dough ball with cottage cheese).
In addition to the traditional crafts and food, the fair also features a variety of entertainment. Traditional Romanian music and dance performances are a highlight, with local bands and dance troupes performing on stage. There are also games and competitions, such as tug-of-war and egg-tapping, that visitors can participate in.
Maidens' Fair is not only a celebration of tradition and culture but also a celebration of community and family. It's a time for young women to come together, display their beauty and talents, and for families to come together and enjoy the festivities. It's an opportunity for visitors to experience the rich culture and heritage of Romania, and to gain a deeper understanding of the country's customs and traditions.
First recorded in 1816, the Maiden Fair was attended, in 1852, by no other than the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, on a visit to Transylvania, whose prince he was. The emperor, on his way to Sibiu, was welcomed by Ioan Axente Sever, as Ion Rusu Abrudeanu recounts in his book, “The Apuseni folk. The ordeal of a heroic, but wronged, people”.
A few decades later, after World War I, the prime-minister attended the Fair Ionel I. C. Bratianu, and a camp site was set up for the first time on this occasion. Also, in 1924, participants in the feast included the king of Romania, Ferdinand I. The fair is the most famous folk festival of Romanians in Transylvania.
In conclusion, Maidens' Fair is a traditional event that should not be missed. With its blend of culture, tradition, and entertainment, it offers visitors a unique and authentic experience of Romania.
From the parade of young women dressed in traditional clothing, to the display of local crafts and traditional foods, to the entertainment and games,
Maidens' Fair
is a celebration of community, family, and tradition that should not be missed.