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Stuttgart Wine Festival 2023

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Stuttgarter Weindorf (Stuttgart Wine Village) is a popular wine festival that attracts people not only from Europe but other continents as well. Tourists and visitors experience a pleasant cozy atmosphere and taste the best wines which you might find in Germany.

What date is Stuttgarter Weindorf 2023?
30 August 202310 September 202312 days

Every evening the festival is full of people, giving out a very nice atmosphere with the surroundings and sound of wining and talking people.

Stuttgart Wine Fest

The first Weindorf was an idea made of a custom of small, local guesthouses run by winegrowers who served its wine products with homemade and traditional food. So, the first festival gets birth from that idea in 1976.

The main squares and connecting streets of the inner city are filled with benches and little huts that sell traditional German food and local wine during the festival.

Stuttgarter Weindorf

It might get really packed on Friday and Saturday nights – if the weather conditions are good. So, if you have a chance, it is better to visit on a weekday instead since the chances are better to get a seat.

However, if you do not find a space to sit, simply pick up a glass of wine and something to eat and walk over the main square and enjoy by sitting on a park bench.

Stuttgarter Weindorf Festival

The Stuttgarter Weindorf is located on a beautiful location and is strict to wine – so no beer is served during the festival. You may also taste some great food as well. It is a great place to have some fun and drink some wines with your friends or family. The cost of the wines ranges from 5-7 EUR per full glass and up.

This area has a long tradition that goes back a thousand years and a mild climate provides the ideal condition for producing wines. Stuttgart area is known to produce some of the best wines in the country.