Flamenco Festivals in Andalucia

Flamenco Festivals in Andalucia
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15 Jun 20191 Oct 2019Traditional Festival
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Flamenco Festivals are festivals held throughout Andalucía (Spain) during the summer months.

Flamenco Festivals in Spain 2019

These festivals are held from 15 Jun 2019 till 01 Oct 2019. You may check the table below if you want to know more information for selected cities in Andalucia.

Flamenco Dance Dress
Andalucia in Spain is an excellent place to see flamenco. These festivals are mostly reserved for the original flamenco, and you won’t hear anything but voice and guitar notes.

During these festivals, you might enjoy genuine flamenco. Performances are held throughout the cities in Andalucia.

Flamenco Night Seville
Thanks to the warm summer nights, most events are held in the open air – usually in the town’s bullring or an open field.

The main aspect of the festival is to have a good time, listen to great music and simply relax.

Traditional Flamenco
These festivals are the best places to get a true flamenco atmosphere. People from all walks of life will be in attendance as its time for relaxation and fun.

Flamenco Dresses
Younger women usually wear traditional dress designs and silk shawls during the Flamenco Festival. The smell of jasmine that mingles with the warm summer air makes an attractive and pleasant setting.

Major Festivals in Andalucia

This festival is held in every larger town in Andalucia. These are set at different dates each year. Below you might find out some of the major Flamenco Festivals in Andalucia 2019:

Town in AndalusiaFestival NameDate
Alhaurín de la TorreFestival Torre del Cante15. June 2019
AntequeraNoche Flamenca de Santa María10. Aug 2019
Granada NocheFlamenca de AlbaycinAugust 2019
LebrijaCaracolá Lebrijana11. July 2019
MálagaBienal de Arte Flamenco*04. September 2020
Mairena del AlcorFestival de Cante jondo A. Mairena02. September 2019
RondaFestival de cante grande24. August 2019
SevilleBienal de Arte Flamenco Sevilla*04. September 2020

* Biannual Festivals – Festivals marked with * are held every 2 years.

Malaga in Seville hold their popular Bienal de flamenco on the alternate year and they are held between September and October. These festivals last for a whole month. These two popular festivals attract the most popular names in the world of flamenco.

Video: Traditional Flamenco dance in Seville