The Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges

The Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges
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The Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges, Belgium is a popular ice sculpture festival in Europe. The festival is held annually and has been around for 25 years.

Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges 2019

Visit the official Festival website for more information about the festival theme, because the theme is different each year.

The Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges for 2019 is discontinued and not organized by authorities. Read more

Ice Sculpture Festival in Belgium
This is the time where artists from around the world travel to Bruges to create a fantasy world full of magic with just an ice and water.

Each winter the amazing Belgian town of Bruges breaks out the ice and creates beautiful sculptures illuminated with colorful lighting.

Snow and Ice Festival Belgium
Visiting this amazing exhibition is a once in a lifetime experience. Thousands of tourists and visitors attend this festival annually.

Winter in Bruges comes with charming Christmas Markets and festive decorations together with Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival as well.

Festival of Ice Sculptures
Artists from all over the world transform one of the most popular towns in Belgium into a winter wonderland.

The sculptures are exposed to a thermal hall, with a controlled temperature of -6 degrees of Celsius. Because of that, it is recommended to wear warm clothes.

Hobbit Ice Sculpture
Amazing hobbit ice sculpture displays Bruges in Belgium.

Ice Sculpture in Belgium Bruges
You can see spectacular Ice Sculptures during the Festival of Ice in Belgium.

The festival is full of colorful and amazing ice sculptures which are made entirely from ice and water. Additionally, it is one of the most popular festivals of this kind in Belgium.

You might find additional information about the tickets for this event on the official website. The price per adult, to enter the exhibition area is around 12 EUR per person this year. However, there are discounts for different visitor types and groups as well.