International Kite Festival RICV

International Kite Festival RICV
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6 Apr 201914 Apr 2019Traditional Festival
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International Kite Festival (French acronym RICV) is organized annually by the official tourism office and town of Berck in northern France. It is a 30+ years long festival which attracts thousands of tourists.

International Kite Festival – RICV 2019

Next RICV 2019 takes place from Saturday 06 Apr till Sunday 14 Apr 2019

Over the years it has become a must-visit event on the Côte d’Opale coast. For more than a week, wind and sea enthusiasts can admire many giant and spectacular kites, each with its own originality.

International Kite Festival
More than 700,000 spectators from all around the world come to the Berck-sur-Mer beach to contemplate the best kite-makers and new creations. This event is completely free and it is open to everyone.

This is a colorful festival where you have your feet in the sand and your head in the sky because it is located on the beautiful sandy beach. It is also family friendly.

Giant Kites in Berck-sur-Mar
One of the most popular events during the festival are the flying battles between kite teams from all over the world. It is really a memorable and colorful spectacle which you would remember.

During the International Kite Festival, there are many stalls with custom kites from many countries of the world. There you can learn about the history of kites as well.

Kites in France
The kite flying is started most likely in China, with the first paper-based kite being traced back to around 549 AD. The first kites were made of silk and bamboo and they were hand painted with delightfully detailed patterns.

During the festival, all kinds of kites will be taking to the skies and judged by spectators and experts. The variety of presented kites is really amazing.

Berck Kite Festival
You will see an amazing display of kites, from giant flying monsters and machines to smaller, but faster kites as well.

RICV at Night
The International Kite Festival (RICV) ends with a nighttime flying display backed up with decent fireworks as well.

Video: Berck 2018 – RICV Footage