Lavender Festival in Sault, Provence

Lavender Festival in Sault, Provence
🕛 15 Aug 2019🗀 Traditional Festival
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Lavender Festival (fr. Fête de la Lavande) is an annual event held on 15th of August in the village of Sault in Southern France.

Sault Lavender Festival 2019

Sault is best known as the lavender capital of Southern France, boasting its own lavender-centered culture and unique heritage over the years.

Lavender Festival Sault
Probably the best possible time to visit this area in France is during the summer when lavender fields are in full bloom, which leaves unique and pleasant experience for most visitors.

Below Sault, a vast number of lavender fields spread out in every direction, as far as the eye can see.

France Lavender Fields
The annual Sault Lavender Festival is held each year on August 15 since 1985. The farmers celebrate the lavender harvest season by honoring their beloved little blue flower (fr: a petite fleur bleue).

This little village in Southern France is one of the most productive lavender-farming places of Provence.

Southern France Festival
The Sault Lavender Festival is held at the fairground l’Hippodrome du Defends located just outside the Sault village, adjacent to the fragrant lavender fields.

It’s a free, all-day celebration with planned activities for locals, tourists, adults, and children.

Lavander Painting
There is also a huge farmers market where local merchants sell all sort of lavender-based products, such as essential oils, soaps, baked goods, etc. There are also lavender-themed photographs, paintings and even books for sale.

Major activities during the festival include Lavander cutting championship, colorful costumes parade, traditional music events, demonstration of lavender oil distillation process and so much more.

Lavender Sault Festival
One of the highlights of the festival is the ability to choose your own lavender from a large field. Everyone is welcome to pick lavender – whether to make a small bouquet or even to fill several grocery bags – completely free of charge.

Did you know?

Lavande is a flower which grows at high altitudes in the Provence region. It reproduces by seeding and has a delicate fragrance, which is widely used in the perfume industry. Lavender essential oil is known and used by people for centuries to heal a variety of ailments.

It takes approx. 130 kilograms of clean lavender flowers to distill 1 liter of quality essential oil.