Roskilde Festival is one of the largest festivals in Northern Europe, attracting more than 80.000 people each year. It is held in Roskilde, a city located on the Danish island of Zealand.

What date is the Roskilde Festival 2021 ?
Roskilde Festival starts on Saturday, 26 Jun 2021 and ends on Saturday, 03 Jul 2021 and it lasts for 7 days.

For some, it is more than music, art, food, and good parties – much more actually. It is also a week-long celebration of community and togetherness as well.

The festival is quite popular and attracts thousands of visitors each year to this city in Denmark. There were more than 130.000 guests in 2019 alone!

In 2018 the festival featured acts such as Joey Badass, Black Star, Eminem, First Aid Kit, Gorillaz, Khalid, Bruno Mars, and much more. You can see the Line up for the upcoming festival on their official website.

This was Denmark’s first music-oriented festival created for hippies, and today it comes more of the mainstream youth from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Until the mid-’90s, the festival attracted mostly Scandinavians, but it has become more and more international for the following years. Attracting a large number of Germans, British, and even Australian guests each year.

The first Roskilde Festival was named the Sound Festival and it was inspired by festivals and youth gatherings like Woodstock or Newport.

The festival has a huge campsite area which covers nearly 80 hectares. Access to the area is included in the ticket price! The campsite usually opens on Sunday morning prior to the festival itself.

Thousands of people arrive on Saturday (some even arrive several days before), to wait in the queue until 16:00 that afternoon when the gates to the campsite officially open!

In recent years, the fences into the camping site have been overrun earlier than the official opening. This is called “Væltning af hegnet” (The overturning of the fence).

Each year since 1999, on the Saturday of the Festival (held on Thursday in 2015, 2016 and 2017), Roskilde Radio organizes a naked run around the campsite!

One male and one female winner receive a ticket for the next year’s festival! This is an extremely popular event during the festival.