Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Holidays 2020

There are 22 officially recognized Public Holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Public Holiday is usually a non-working day during the current year and it is generally established by law.

These holidays are days of celebration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event (National Holiday), or can be a religious celebration of some kind (Religious Holiday). Also, they can be celebrated locally in some regions of the country (Regional Holiday).

Public Holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Public Holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina for 2020

Public HolidayNative NameDateType
New Year's DayNova Godina01. Jan. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
2nd JanuaryNova Godina (2. Dan)02. Jan. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
EpiphanyBogojavljenje06. Jan. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
Orthodox ChristmasPravoslavni BoΕΎiΔ‡07. Jan. 2020☦ Optional Holiday
Orthodox New YearPravoslavna Nova Godina14. Jan. 2020☦ Optional Holiday
Independence DayDan nezavisnosti01. Mar. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
Easter MondayUskrs13. Apr. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
Orthodox EasterVaskrs19. Apr. 2020☦ Optional Holiday
Labour DayDan rada01. May. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
Labour Day (2nd Day)Dan rada (2. Dan)02. May. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
Eid al-FitrRamazanski Bajram24. May. 2020β˜ͺ Optional Holiday
Corpus ChristiTijelovo11. Jun. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
Eid al-AdhaKurban Bajram30. Jul. 2020β˜ͺ Optional Holiday
Assumption of MaryVelika Gospa15. Aug. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
Islamic New YearMuslimanska Nova Godina19. Aug. 2020β˜ͺ Optional Holiday
Orthodox AssumptionVelika Gospojina28. Aug. 2020☦ Optional Holiday
All Saint's DaySvi Sveti01. Nov. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
All Souls DayDuőni dan02. Nov. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
Dayton Agreement DayDan Dejtonskog Sporazuma21. Nov. 2020πŸ“ Regional Holiday ?
Statehood DayDan drΕΎavnosti25. Nov. 2020πŸ› National Holiday
ChristmasBoΕΎiΔ‡25. Dec. 2020✝ Optional Holiday
St. Stephen's DayStjepandan26. Dec. 2020✝ Optional Holiday

Easter Monday Next Public Holiday in Bosnia & Herzegovina is in 12 days!

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, most public holidays are marked as 'Optional Holidays'. Citizens may choose which holiday they want to celebrate (maximum 2) and in total of 4 work days off.