Romania Public Holidays 2018

There are 13 officially recognized Public Holidays in Romania. Public Holiday is usually a non-working day during the current year and it is generally established by law.

These holidays are days of celebration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event (National Holiday), or can be a religious celebration of some kind (Religious Holiday). Also, they can be celebrated locally in some regions of the country (Regional Holiday).

Public Holidays in Romania

Public Holidays in Romania for 2018

Public HolidayNative NameDateType
New Year's DayAnul Nou01. Jan. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
2nd JanuaryAnul Nou II02. Jan. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
Orthodox EasterPaΘ™tele08. Apr. 2018☦ Religious Holiday
Orthodox Easter MondayPaΘ™tele09. Apr. 2018☦ Religious Holiday
Labour DayZiua Muncii01. May. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
Orthodox Whit SundayRusaliile27. May. 2018☦ Religious Holiday
Orthodox Whit MondayRusaliile28. May. 2018☦ Religious Holiday
Children's DayZiua Copilului01. Jun. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
Dormition of the TheotokosAdormirea Maicii Domnului15. Aug. 2018☦ Religious Holiday
St Andrew's DaySfΓ’ntul Andrei30. Nov. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
National HolidayZiua NaΘ›ionalΔƒ01. Dec. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
ChristmasCrΔƒciunul II25. Dec. 2018πŸ› National Holiday
St. Stephen's DayCrΔƒciunul26. Dec. 2018πŸ› National Holiday

Christmas Next Public Holiday in Romania is in 8 days!