Spain Public Holidays 2020

There are 35 officially recognized Public Holidays in Spain. Public Holiday is usually a non-working day during the current year and it is generally established by law.

These holidays are days of celebration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event (National Holiday), or can be a religious celebration of some kind (Religious Holiday). Also, they can be celebrated locally in some regions of the country (Regional Holiday).

Public Holidays in Spain

Public Holidays in Spain for 2020

Public HolidayNative NameDateType
New Year's DayAño Nuevo01. Jan. 2020🏛 National Holiday
EpiphanyDía de Reyes06. Jan. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Andalusian National HolidayDía de Andalucía28. Feb. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Balearic National HolidayDia de les Illes Balears01. Mar. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
St. Joseph's DaySan José19. Mar. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Maundy ThursdayJueves Santo09. Apr. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Good FridayViernes Santo10. Apr. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Easter MondayLunes de Pascua13. Apr. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Argonese National HolidaySan Jorge o Diya d'Aragón23. Apr. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Castile and Leon DayDía de Castilla y León23. Apr. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Labour DayDía del Trabajador01. May. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Madrid DayFiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid02. May. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Galician Literature DayDía das Letras Galegas17. May. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Canarians National DayDía de Canarias30. May. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Day of the Castilla-La Mancha RegionDía de la Región Castilla-La Mancha31. May. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Murcia National HolidayDía de la Región de Murcia09. Jun. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Rioja National HolidayDía de La Rioja09. Jun. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Saint Anthony's DaySan Antonio13. Jun. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Galician National HolidaySantiago Apóstol o Día da Patria Galega25. Jul. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Eid al-AdhaCelebración del Sacrificio30. Jul. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Santa Maria of AfricaSanta María de África06. Aug. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Assumption of MaryAsunción15. Aug. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Asturia National HolidayDía de Asturias08. Sep. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Extramadura National HolidayDía de Extremadura08. Sep. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Catalonia National HolidayDiada de Catalunya11. Sep. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Cantabria National DayDía de Cantabria o Día de La Montaña15. Sep. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Melilla National DayDía de Melilla17. Sep. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
Valencian National DayDia de la Comunitat Valenciana09. Oct. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
National HolidayFiesta Nacional de España12. Oct. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Basque National DayEuskadi Eguna25. Oct. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?
All Saint's DayDía de todos los Santos01. Nov. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Constitution DayDía de la Constitución06. Dec. 2020🏛 National Holiday
Immaculate ConceptionInmaculada Concepción08. Dec. 2020🏛 National Holiday
ChristmasNavidad25. Dec. 2020🏛 National Holiday
St. Stephen's DaySant Esteve26. Dec. 2020📍 Regional Holiday ?

Maundy Thursday Next Public Holiday in Spain is in 8 days!

Each municipality is allowed to have a maximum of 13 public holidays per year; a maximum of nine of these are chosen by the national government and at least two are chosen locally.

If one of the "national holidays" happens to fall on a Sunday, twice in each month for two out of the seven holy months in the Spanish year