Statehood is the condition of being an independent state or nation. There are several countries in Europe which celebrates this day as a public holiday. Statehood Day is a national holiday which usually celebrate mark of the nationhood of a nation or state.

Statehood Day can be tied to Republic or Constitution days as well. At the table below, you may see public holidays for all these types.

CountryHoliday NameDateNotes
AndorraOur Lady of Meritxell Day08. SeptemberPatron saint of Andorra, signing of the Paréage of Andorra 1278.
AustriaConstitution Day26. OctoberThe Neutrality Constitution of 1955.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaStatehood Day25. NovemberFormation of the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1943.
Czech RepublicStatehood Day28. SeptemberCzech Statehood day (Saint Wenceslas day)
CroatiaStatehood Day30. MayCelebrates the constitution of the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament in 1990.
LithuaniaStatehood Day06. JulyEstablishment of the medieval Lithuanian kingdom by Mindaugas in 1253.
MontenegroStatehood Day13. JulyRecognized as independent at the Congress of Berlin in 1878.
HungaryRevolution Day23. October1956 Revolution Memorial Day.
North MacedoniaRepublic Day02. AugustProclamation of statehood in 1944 and proclamation of Krusevo Republic in 1903 during the Ilinden Uprising.
PolandConstitution Day03. MayAdoption of the Constitution of 1791.
ItalyRepublic Day02. JuneItaly is made a republic in 1946.
SwitzerlandNational Holiday01. AugustAlliance between Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden against the Holy Roman Empire in 1291.
SpainConstitution Day06. DecemberMarks the anniversary of a referendum held in Spain in 1978.
MaltaRepublic Day13. DecemberAdoption of the republican constitution of 1974.
PortugalPortugal Day10. JuneOfficially the Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities.
SerbiaStatehood Day15. FebruaryAdoption of the first constitution in 1835.
SloveniaStatehood Day25. JuneDeclaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
TurkeyRepublic Day29. OctoberAdoption of a republican constitution in 1923.
List of Statehood, Republic and Constitution Days celebrated in Europe