Bulgaria Public Holidays

Public Holidays in Bulgaria 2023

There are 17 officially recognized holidays in Bulgaria (12 Public Holidays, 4 Observance Holidays, 1 School Holiday)

Public holidays are days of celebration where countries celebrate important historical or religious events. In some cases, there are public holidays which are celebrated exclusively in certain region of the country.
NameNative NameDateType
New Year's Day
Нова Година01 Jan 2023
Granny March DayБаба Марта01 Mar 2023
Liberation DayДен на Освобождението на България от Османската Империя03 Mar 2023
International Women's DayДен на жената08 Mar 2023
Good Friday
Разпети петък14 Apr 2023
Easter Sunday
Великден16 Apr 2023
Easter Monday
Велики понеделник17 Apr 2023
Labour Day
Ден на труда01 May 2023
St. George's DayГергьовден06 May 2023
Radio and Television DayДен на радиото и телевизията07 May 2023
Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature DayДен на азбуката, културата и просветата24 May 2023
Unification DayДен на съединението06 Sep 2023
Independence DayДен на независимостта22 Sep 2023
Revival Leaders' DayДен на народните будители01 Nov 2023
Christmas Eve
Бъдни вечер24 Dec 2023
Christmas Day
Коледа25 Dec 2023
Boxing Day
2-ри ден на Коледа26 Dec 2023