There are 9 officially recognized Public Holidays in Belarus. Public Holiday is usually a non-working day during the current year and it is generally established by law.

Public holidays are days of celebration where countries celebrate important historical or religious events. In some cases, there are public holidays which are celebrated exclusively in certain region of the country.

NameNative NameDateType
New Year’s DayНовы год01. Jan. 2021🏛 National Holiday
Orthodox ChristmasКаляды праваслаўныя07. Jan. 2021☦ Religious Holiday
International Women’s DayМiжнародны жаночы дзень08. Mar. 2021🏛 National Holiday
Labour DayДзень працы01. May. 2021🏛 National Holiday
Victory in Europe DayДзень Перамогi09. May. 2021🏛 National Holiday
Commemoration DayРадунiца11. May. 2021☦ Religious Holiday
Statehood DayДзень Незалежнасцi03. Jul. 2021🏛 National Holiday
October Revolution DayДзень Кастрычніцкай рэвалюцыі07. Nov. 2021🏛 National Holiday
ChristmasКаляды каталiцкiя25. Dec. 2021🏛 National Holiday
Next holiday in Belarus is International Women’s Day (08. Mar. 2021)