Schneedorf Igloo Village in Austria

Schneedorf is the first Igloo Village in Austria and it is located 2.700 meters above sea level at the Tyrol mountains.

Located at an altitude of 2.700 meters in the Tyrolean Alps, Schneedorf Igloo Village is a great spot for anyone. There are Igloos for everyone, from intimate pair suites to spacious units for 4 persons.

The silence of the mountains and the nature of this place gives you some kind of unique experience.

You can book a special candlelight night stay-out
 for lovers and those who wish to be! You will sleep in a romantic igloo and be served champagne and plate of canapΓ©s as weel – a definite must-have for romantic souls.
You can also build your own igloo on their unique igloo construction workshop with help of the skilled guides.

The Igloo Village is opened usually from Wednesday till Sunday and actual dates for season vary from year to year. 2018/2019 season date was 26th of December to 6th April 2019.

Depending on snow and weather conditions, there is also a snow hiking event which might be organized if enough participants (4 minimum) are interested in it. Tours are offered for beginners as well.

The snowshoe hiking lasts up to 5 hours (with breaks).

The mood in the Schneedorf village is almost mystical, as candles are the only source of light and the sounds from outside are dampened by the snow. It is really a unique experience anyone should try.
Skiers can take a tour of the Schneedorf directly from the slopes and relax in the lounge. The outside area is available for anyone who came across.
Video: An igloo Village tour.