Varosha – The ghost town in Cyprus

Varosha is an abandoned part of the city of Famagusta on Cyprus. The inhabitants of this city fled during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Varosa Forbidden Beach
The Varosha area is under Turkish control and it has remained abandoned and occupied by the Turkish Armed Forces till today. The city quarter is described as a ghost town.

Entrance to the quarter is forbidden to the public as well.

Famagusta before War
Before the occupation, Varosha was the number-one tourist destination in Cyprus and it was one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide back in the day.

Varosha was a favorite destination of celebrities, such as Bridgitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton.

Varosha Forbidden City
In the absence of human maintenance and habitation, buildings in this area continue to decay. Sea turtles have been seen nesting on the deserted beaches as well.

Varosha has become one of the world’s most famous ghost towns, attracting many photographers from all around the world.

Famagusta Abandoned Buildings
After the war ended, the residents and business owners were not allowed to return to the occupied suburb.

A demilitarized UN buffer zone (more than 100 miles long) currently dividing the Turkish-occupied north from the independent Republic of Cyprus in the south.

Varosha Car Dealership
In the Varosa, clothes still hang in the closets of long abandoned buildings and a car dealership remains fully stocked with 1974 model vehicles.

Signs inside the city warn tourists that “photos and movies are forbidden”. Exiled residents regularly pin love-letters and flowers to the barbed wire which divide two sides of the city.

Famagusta Abandoned Plane
Once the most important airport of the island has also been abandoned since the invasion. The commercial flight terminal and one passenger airplane have suffered almost 40 years of decay.