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FIESA Sand Sculpture Festival 2022

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FIESA is considered as the biggest sand theme park in the world with amazing sculptures that may reach up to twelve meters high and reproduce objects, people, and/or scenarios in amazing detail.

What date is FIESA Sand Sculpture Festival 2022?
21 May 202230 December 2022224 days

The International Sand Sculpture Festival, also known as a Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia (FIESA) is the largest sand sculpture event worldwide. The whole area occupies 15.000 square meters (around 3.7 acres) of a desert.

FIESA Sand City

The FIESA is also open in the evenings with cool atmospheric lighting effects on most displays. The display is held in the sand city of Pêra in Portugal and it is held annually since 2003.

Intl Sand Festival

Each year, a group of talented sculptors, from all around the work and the art experts of sand sculpturing, join to give shape to about 60.000 tons of sand. It is really an exclusive place composed of true artistic works and unique architectural beauty.

International Sand Festival

Each year the exhibition has a different theme, such as theme dedicated to Music, Dreamland, The Lost worlds, Mythologies, World Wonders, and similar:

  • 2020 – Fantastic Cinema
  • 2019 – Around the World
  • 2018 – Minions & Star Wars
  • 2017 – Art Tribute
  • 2013 to 2016 – Music Theme
  • 2012 – Idols
  • 2011 – Animal Kingdom
  • 2010 – Living World

At the time of the festival Sand City offers a range of activities related to sand sculpture, workshops, and demonstrations on sculpting technique, video projections, amusement equipment, a shop, a snack bar, a fish spa, and a cultural agenda.