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  • Keukenhof Flower Exhibition
    🕑 May 15, 2022
    Keukenhof Flower Exhibition is open annually from mid-March to mid-May. The best time to view the tulips and amazing flowers in the garden is around mid-April, depending on the weather. This garden is also known as the Garden of Europe.
  • The Scarlet Sails
    🕑 June 26, 2022
    This event is also known as Alye Parusa (Алые паруса) and it is one of the most popular events of the city. It has been around since the ’60s at the end of every scholastic year. The tradition of celebrating the entry of childhood into adulthood was stopped in 1979 and revived 25 years later June 24, 2005.
  • Roskilde Festival
    🕑 July 2, 2022
    Roskilde Festival is one of the largest festivals in Northern Europe, attracting more than 80.000 people each year. It is held in Roskilde, a city located on the Danish island of Zealand.
  • The White Nights Festival
    🕑 July 2, 2022
    The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia is an annual international arts festival during the season of the midnight sun and consists of a series of classical ballet, opera, and music events.
  • The San Fermín Festival
    🕑 July 13, 2022
    The festival of San Fermín in Pamplona is an extremely popular annual celebration held annually from 6 July. Over one million people each year participate in this unique festival. It has become the most internationally renowned fiesta in Spain.
  • Tomorrowland Festival
    🕑 July 31, 2022
    Tomorrowland Festival was first held back in 2005 and since then it became one of the world’s largest and most notable music festivals. It lasts for two weekends and usually sells out in minutes!
  • Wacken Open Air Festival
    🕑 August 6, 2022
    Wacken Open Air festival is an open-air heavy metal music festival held annually in the village of Wacken, eighty kilometers northwest of Hamburg. This festival is usually held at the beginning of August and lasts for four days.
  • Gotland Medieval Week
    🕑 August 14, 2022
    The festival started in 1984 and since then it grew into a popular tourist attraction. There are 500 different events during the festival, including music, jesters, theatre, storytelling, medieval market, tournaments and much more.