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Lyon Festival of Lights 2022

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The Festival of Lights is an international event renowned for its temporary light installations during which the city is metamorphosed for four magical evenings, reconnecting with a popular tradition dating back to 1852.

What date is Lyon Fête des Lumières 2022?
08 December 202211 December 20224 days

Traditionally, every house in Lyon during this festival place candles along the outsides of all the windows to produce a spectacular effect throughout the streets.

Festival of Lights Lyon

For four nights a variety of different artists light up buildings, streets, squares, and parks all over the city. Over 50 unique light installations create a magical and unforgiving atmosphere in Lyon. Fête des lumières is quite a popular festival where millions of visitors, both French and abroad enjoy the friendly and joyful spirit of this amazing event.

Lyon is a major center of urban lighting, including both temporary and permanent lighting projects. The Lighting Plan dates to 1989. Light is no longer used just for security purposes; it has become an essential component of the urban environment as well.

Lyon Festival of Lights

The people of Lyon decorate their windows and balconies with thousands of lights and candles. Over the years, the festival is mutated into an outstanding urban event. The Festival of Lights in Lyon attracts 3 to 4 million people each year.

Thanks to the festival organizers, the Festival of Lights uses only 0.1% of the annual energy consumption of the city’s urban lighting.

Lyon Lights Festival

The bridge Pont Wilson over the Rhône was first illuminated in the 1989 light plan. In 2015 it was given a makeover to harmonize its lighting with the neighboring district and monuments as well.