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Sziget Festival 2022

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Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe and it’s held every August on a large island on the Danube – the second largest river in Europe. More than one thousand performances take place on this spot annually.

What date is Sziget Festival 2022?
10 August 202215 August 20226 days

The first festival was organized in 1993 as a small gathering and since then it is evolved into one of Europe’s largest music festivals. The festival organizers strive to bring some of the biggest music artists each year to the festival.

Sziget Music Festival

This festival host over 1000 shows across 60 different stages for 7 days straight! Hundreds of nationalities are represented at Sziget each year, with people coming from as far away as Brazil or New Zealand as well.

About half of all visitors during the Sziget Festival come from outside Hungary, especially from Western Europe. More than 530.000 visitors visited the festival in 2019 alone from all over the world.

Sziget Festival

There is also a dedicated “party train” service (with live DJ performances) that actually transport visitors to the festival from all over Europe. It’s called Sziget Express.

While music is an important part of Sziget, art is also a core element. There are multiple venues including a circus, theater, museum quarter, and much more. Artists and performers from all over the world may display their talents at the Sziget Festival.

Highlighters in 2020 are Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Kings Of Leon, Major Lazer, The Strokes, A$AP Rocky, Khalid, Stormzy, Lewis Capaldi, Diplo, and many others.

Sziget Festival in Budapest

Recent past headliners have included the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Muse, and Rihanna. Sziget features artists from all over the world and brings them together for a week-long event of colorful art, dancing, and music activities.

The festival takes place in the middle of the Danube River, just outside the heart of the Hungarian capital Budapest. During the festival, it is unofficially known as the Island of Freedom.

Sziget Festival market itself as being more than just an average music festival. Freedom, fun, and love are the core of everything you will find here.