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  • Gotland Medieval Week
    🕑 August 7, 2022
    The festival started in 1984 and since then it grew into a popular tourist attraction. There are 500 different events during the festival, including music, jesters, theatre, storytelling, medieval market, tournaments and much more.
  • Sziget Festival
    🕑 August 10, 2022
    The Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe and it’s held every August on a large island on the Danube – the second largest river in Europe. More than one thousand performances take place on this spot annually.
  • Sarajevo Film Festival
    🕑 August 12, 2022
    Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) started in 1995 during the siege of Sarajevo and military aggression of Yugoslavia on Bosnia and Herzegovina. From that period, the SFF welcomes domestic and international actors and filmmakers to Sarajevo.
  • Stuttgart Wine Festival
    🕑 August 24, 2022
    It is a 30+ years long festival which attracts thousands of tourists. Over the years it has become a must-visit event on the Côte d’Opale coast. For more than a week, wind and sea enthusiasts can admire many giant and spectacular kites, each with its own originality.
  • Largs Viking Festival
    🕑 August 27, 2022
    Since 1981 in the fall, the small town of Largs hosts this festival. It is founded to encourage tourism and to celebrate the 1263 Battle of Largs, the last mainland battle between the Scots and Norse.
  • La Tomatina
    🕑 August 31, 2022
    No one is completely certain how this event started. However, there is a popular saying which says that disgruntled people of the Bunol town rioted and attacked city councilmen with tomatoes during a town celebration sometime before 1945.