Easter 2024

is a time of celebration and renewal, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christian tradition. It is a holiday that is observed by many people across the European continent, with each country having its own unique traditions and customs.

When it's Easter 2024?

21 May 2024
19 Apr 2025
Another popular Easter tradition is the making of Easter baskets. These baskets are often filled with treats such as chocolate eggs, bunnies, and other sweets, and are given to children on Easter morning. In some countries, the baskets are also decorated with flowers and other colorful items to add to the festive atmosphere.
Easter Sunday
is typically a day of church services and family gatherings. Many people attend church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and afterwards they may spend the day with their loved ones, enjoying a special Easter meal and other activities.
In some European countries,
Easter Monday
is also a public holiday. This is a day when people may participate in outdoor activities such as parades or picnics, or simply spend time with their families and friends.

Easter Customs throughout Europe

Tradition in:
In Poland, a popular Easter tradition is the blessing of Easter baskets, which are filled with food such as bread, eggs, ham, and butter. The baskets are brought to church to be blessed by the priest and then taken home to be enjoyed by the family.
Tradition in:
In Italy, the Easter holiday is marked by the celebration of the "Easter Monday Race," a horse race that takes place in the town of Siena.
Tradition in:
In Germany, many people participate in an Easter fire, where a large bonfire is lit to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.
Tradition in:
In Greece, Easter is a time for the traditional dyeing of eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ.
Tradition in:
In Spain, the Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a time of religious processions and other ceremonies.